CU-Structural Soil®

CU-Structural soil supports pavements and sidewalks

This revolutionary new engineered or structured soil mix for urban trees, which was developed by New York’s Cornell University, can safely support pavements and sidewalks and is designed to provide ample rooting area for street trees, thus decreasing tree mortality and sidewalk failure. It is marketed under the names CU-Structural Soil® and CU-Soil™.

Structured or structural soil is an engineered medium which can meet or exceed pavement design and installation requirements while remaining root penetrable and supportive of tree growth.

Ascape Landscaping is authorized by Amereq, Inc., Cornell's exclusive licensee, to produce and market CU-Soil™ and serves customers throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Call us for samples and information: 845-353-6500.

Read more about Cornell’s structural soil research (Cornell University, Urban Horticulture Institute).

Below: CU-Soil supplied by Ascape being installed at the World Trade Center. New York, March 2014

CU-Soil instllation at the World Trade Center CU-Soil instllation at the World Trade Center