Silva Cells for Growing Large, Healthy trees

Create a High-Performance Urban Landscape

The Silva Cell is a modular suspended pavement system that uses soil volumes to support large tree growth and provide powerful on-site stormwater management through absorption, evapo-transpiration, and interception.

Silva cell

Each Silva Cell is composed of a frame and a deck. Frames are 48'' long x 24'' wide x 16'' high, and each one holds 10 cubic feet of soil. They can be stacked one, two, or three high before they are topped with a deck to create a maximum containment area for lightly compacted loam soil. Silva Cells can be spread laterally as wide as necessary. Each unit is about 92% void space, making it easy to accommodate utilities.

Call us for information about applications for and installation of Silva Cells in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.