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Lawn, Landscape & Hardscape Services for Commercial Properties in Bergen County, NJ

We provide commercial landscaping, lawn, irrigation, construction, and tree and shrub services.

Bergen County, NJ, sits along the Hudson River and is the most populous county in the state, with almost 953,000 residents. Various cities are located here, including Hackensack, Englewood, and Westwood. The Campgaw Mountain Ski Area offers outdoor enthusiasts a chance to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the winter months, and the Ramapo Lake Trailhead provides access to scenic trails and beautiful natural surroundings. In this county, there's something for everyone.

These destinations highlight just a few of the many reasons why Bergen County, NJ, is a vibrant and appealing area to explore. Here at Ascape Landscape, we aim to contribute to the beauty of this area by offering lawn, landscape, and hardscape services to commercial properties and HOAs. Our wide range of outdoor services includes lawn care, maintenance, landscaping, hardscape construction, irrigation, and tree and shrub services. Contact us at (845) 353-6500 to schedule any of our lawn and landscape services today!

Commercial Lawns & Landscapes Will Stay Pristine With Our Professional Maintenance & Care Services

Landscaping with boulder and shrubs in Bergen County, NJ.

Below is a comprehensive list of all the professional lawn care and grounds maintenance services we provide to commercial properties and HOAs in Bergen County, NJ. This includes everything from our lawn mowing service, which provides weekly maintenance from May through October, to our lawn care program.

Our lawn care program includes fertilization, weed control, and several other services that support the unique needs of turf types found in Bergen County. These regular care and maintenance services will help cultivate a polished outdoor look for your lawn and landscape. Additionally, we offer many individual services to cater to other property management needs, such as grounds cleanups, lawn disease control, and overseeding for thinning turf.

Take advantage of our commercial snow removal service during the winter season!

Beautiful Landscapes & Hardscapes for Your Commercial Property in Bergen County, NJ

Commercial property in Bergen County, NJ, with hardscape and landscape.

Our team offers a variety of landscaping and hardscape construction services to create beautiful outdoor spaces for commercial properties and HOAs. We not only assist in designing the perfect outdoor space for your commercial property, but we also provide installations like perennial plantings, annual flowers, and modern solutions for low-maintenance needs, such as artificial turf. Our innovative approach to landscaping doesn't stop there. In addition to our current offerings, we also provide CU-Soil and Silva Cells to support the cultivation of trees and their roots.

Our landscape construction services include hardscape installations, such as walkways and outdoor steps to improve accessibility across your property, retaining walls to mitigate soil erosion issues, and patios made of concrete pavers, stone, flagstone, and brick.

Commercial Irrigation Services for Efficient Watering Solutions

Irrigation system using sprinklers for landscaping in Bergen County, NJ.

Discover the perfect irrigation solution for your commercial property in Bergen County, NJ! Our top-quality irrigation systems feature advanced sprinkler and drip installations, all equipped with Wi-Fi technology for effortless scheduling and efficient watering. You can also sign up for one of our irrigation packages to receive comprehensive irrigation services regularly for your commercial property in Bergen County.

These irrigation packages include services throughout the year in the spring, summer, and fall to ensure that your irrigation system remains properly maintained. These services include everything from spring startups and winterizations to repairs for common issues like broken water lines or sprinkler heads. Our team even offers backflow prevention testing!

Check out our top-notch sprinkler and drip irrigation systems for installation!

Professional Tree & Shrub Services to Enhance & Maintain Your Outdoor Space

HOA landscaping for property in Bergen County, NJ.

Transform the outdoor space of your property in Bergen County, NJ, into a beautifully maintained and professional environment with the help of our professional tree and shrub services. Our comprehensive range of services includes precise pruning, tree removal, and innovative air spading. In addition to our maintenance services, we offer stump grinding and removal services. Whether you need stumps cut flush with the ground or completely removed, our skilled team has the expertise to handle the job efficiently and effectively.

Call to schedule our commercial lawn, landscape, and hardscape services in Bergen County, NJ.

At Ascape Landscape, we understand the importance of a well-maintained outdoor area for commercial properties and communities. Our services enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor space, creating an inviting environment for tenants, employees, or visitors.

Since our establishment in 1984, we have been dedicated to delivering dependable and effective commercial lawn, landscape, and hardscape construction services. Whether you have a HOA or commercial property in Bergen County, NJ, we are committed to providing top-notch services. Reach out to us at (845) 353-6500 to schedule our services today!

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