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Expert Commercial Lawn & Landscaping Services in Connecticut

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Connecticut, located in the northeastern corner of the United States, is one of the original 13 states. Renowned for its family-friendly environment and appeal as a retirement destination, Connecticut boasts a population of over 3.6 million people. Visitors can look forward to exploring its diverse landscapes, which include forested hills, bustling city skylines, and picturesque shoreline beaches.

At Ascape Landscape, we provide a range of lawn and landscaping services to commercial property owners and HOAs in Connecticut. We've been in business since 1984 and are well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to perform our services efficiently and effectively. Call us today at (845) 353-6500 to schedule any of our services.

Our Landscape Construction Services

An outdoor living space outside of a business in Connecticut.

Elevate the outdoor spaces of your commercial property in Connecticut with our specialized landscape construction services. We design and construct sophisticated patios, walkways, and driveways using high-quality materials such as concrete, stone pavers, and flagstone, that enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your premises. Our durable outdoor steps and retaining walls add essential structure and support, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding landscape.

If you're interested in creating inviting communal areas for your business, consider having our team install a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or fully equipped outdoor kitchen, perfect for employee gatherings or client entertainment. Our seating walls provide comfortable seating solutions, while our expertly installed landscape lighting enhances safety and ambiance during evening hours. Our team can also build and install impressive pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, and cabanas, to provide sheltered areas for meetings and events with our pre-made kit designs.

For our landscape lighting systems, we use energy-efficient, low-voltage LED bulbs that can be connected to Bluetooth!

You can take advantage of our commercial lawn and landscaping services.

A professional using a commercial mower to mow a lawn in Connecticut.

Transform and maintain the grounds of your commercial property with our comprehensive lawn and landscaping services, which we offer in Connecticut. Our team offers expert lawn fertilization and weed control services to keep your turf lush and pristine as part of our commercial maintenance program. We also provide specialized lawn disease and insect control treatments to protect your greenery from common threats. Our aeration, overseeding, and hydroseeding services ensure your lawn remains healthy and vibrant. Additionally, our team provides landscape bed weed control, lawn mowing, and mulch installation services to ensure a neat and polished appearance year-round.

Keep your trees well-maintained with our commercial tree services!

Professionals performing tree services for a commercial property in Connecticut.

Ensure the safety, health, and aesthetics of your commercial property with our specialized tree and landscape services in Connecticut. Our air spading service will help promote healthy root systems by alleviating soil compaction and improving soil aeration around trees. We offer professional tree removal and stump grinding services to effectively manage and eliminate hazardous or unwanted trees, ensuring a clean and safe environment for your commercial property. Our drainage and grading services are expertly designed to address water management issues, preventing erosion and water damage while maintaining the integrity and functionality of your landscape.

Additionally, we provide specialized services to business owners in Connecticut such as CU-Structural Soil, which supports paved areas while allowing street trees ample space to grow roots. Our silva cells help support the growth of large trees, and our green roof solutions can transform the roof of your commercial property into a vibrant garden.

Our air spading service utilizes a high-pressure jet of air to loosen compacted soil around the base of a tree.

Maintain a hydrated, healthy lawn with our commercial irrigation services.

Sprinkler system watering grass in Connecticut.

Optimize the health and appearance of your commercial property’s landscape with our comprehensive irrigation services, which we offer to business owners in Connecticut. Our irrigation startup service ensures your system is ready for the growing season, providing efficient water distribution right from the start. As the colder months approach, our irrigation winterization service protects your system from freeze damage, extending its lifespan. We also offer professional irrigation installation tailored to meet the specific needs of your property, ensuring optimal water usage and coverage.

Our team can install drip or sprinkler irrigation systems on your commercial property, including advanced systems with Wi-Fi connectivity!

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Are you looking to elevate the aesthetics of your business? Look no further than Ascape Landscape. With %%yearinbusiness%% years of experience providing exceptional lawn and landscaping services to commercial properties and HOAs in Connecticut, we are your trusted partner for all your outdoor needs. Contact us at (845) 353-6500 today to schedule our services and transform your property!

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