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Premier Lawn, Landscaping & Irrigation Services in Hackensack, NJ

We offer lawn care and maintenance, landscaping, hardscape construction, irrigation, and other services.

Hackensack, NJ, is a city in Bergen County with over 45,600 people calling it home. However, it has a rich history that dates back to the 1600s! Foschini Park is a great place to spend a beautiful day outside and sits along the Hackensack River. You can also walk along trails and fish at Hackensack River County Park, shop at The Shops at Riverside, rock climb at Goat Climbing Gym, and so much more.

At Ascape Landscape, we've been providing our premier lawn, landscaping, and irrigation services to commercial properties, HOAs, and municipalities in Hackensack, NJ, since 1984. Whether you need lawn care and maintenance, landscaping, hardscape construction, irrigation, or other services - we've got you covered.

What landscaping services do we offer in Hackensack, NJ?

Our crew offers various top-notch landscaping services to commercial properties in Hackensack, NJ, to meet all your needs. We can design and install new landscapes, lay sod so you can boast an immediately lush, green lawn, and trim and prune your plants to keep them in tip-top shape. Additionally, we have the tools and knowledge to safely remove any trees you no longer want, grind down the stump afterward, or perform air spading to loosen compacted soil around their base. Meanwhile, our commercial snow removal service is just what you need to keep your property clear of snow so it stays accessible during the winters in Hackensack.

We also provide landscape lighting to bring your outdoor space to life at night. We'll install low-voltage LED lighting, which is long-lasting, durable, and energy-efficient. Not only that, but they also have Bluetooth compatibility so that you can control them from your smartphone! Here are all the landscaping services we offer:

Our additional services include CU-Soil, Silva Cells, and green roofs.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy & Manicured With Our Lawn Care & Maintenance Services

If you want to keep the lawn on your commercial property in Hackensack, NJ, healthy and manicured, look no further than our lawn care and maintenance services. Our team will provide the care and TLC your turf needs to bolster its vitality and verdancy, from nourishing and improving its access to vital resources to combatting weeds, diseases, and insects. On the other hand, we'll mow it weekly from May until October to maintain its ideal height, then perform yard cleanups to spruce up its appearance. Our lawn care and maintenance services are as follows:

We can construct patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and other hardscapes.

Hardscapes will complete your outdoor space, and we can construct them to make that happen. We can build a patio using only the best materials to ensure it stands the test of time, and you can choose which meets your aesthetic preferences; some of our options include concrete pavers, sandstone, limestone, and marble. Whether you want a walkway and outdoor steps to improve mobility, a gas-burning outdoor fireplace to enhance the ambiance of your outside space, a retaining wall to hold soil in place, or anything else - our team is your go-to for all of it. We provide the following hardscape construction services to commercial properties, HOAs, and municipalities:

We Offer Irrigation Installation, Repair, Winterization, Startup & Maintenance Services

Your irrigation system is vital for keeping your lawn and landscape well-watered throughout the growing season, and we offer various services to keep it in optimal condition. For example, we can shut it down for the winter and bring it online in the spring. We can also maintain and repair your system so it's functioning at peak performance again. If you don't have one, we can install a sprinkler or drip irrigation system to accommodate your needs. Our irrigation services are available to commercial properties, HOAs, and municipalities in Hackensack, NJ, which are as follows:

Call us to schedule any of our lawn, landscaping, and irrigation services.

At Ascape Landscape, we offer top-quality lawn, landscaping, and irrigation services to commercial properties, HOAs, and municipalities in Hackensack, NJ. Whatever you need, you can trust that we're the right ones for the job. Call us at (845) 353-6500 to schedule any of our services today!

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