Our team was chosen for a new construction landscaping project in NYC. We had to transform the empty courtyard into a more vibrant and aesthetically appealing space. So, we got to work on mapping out where everything would go, as this project included several raised planter beds outlining the walkway and a large area where we would install sod. The next step was to construct the walkway and raised beds, and we exercised precision when laying the materials to make everything look seamless. After that, we installed the finishing touches, namely the plants, trees, and sod. With the project complete, the courtyard is now inviting and lively with eye-catching softscapes, creating the perfect blend with the hardscapes.

The first step of this courtyard landscaping project was to map out where everything would go.

This courtyard landscaping project was extensive, and because it was a new construction build, we started with a blank slate. So, the first step was to map out where everything would go. Our team took the time to create a comprehensive design and flow throughout the courtyard, planning the areas for the raised planter beds and where we would install the sod. We also had to ensure there was enough space for the walkways. There weren't any details we missed during this step, as it was crucial to have everything fit and blend in seamlessly.

The next step of this project was to install the walkways and raised planter beds.

Once we mapped out all the elements of this landscaping project and hammered out the details, the next step was to install the walkways and raised planter beds. We constructed the walkways from high-quality concrete slabs, exercising precision when arranging them in a running bond pattern. Then, we installed the raised planter beds using different stones to make them stand out before filling them with soil. After that, we defined where the sod would go and added soil to the area.

We offer various materials to construct our walkways, including concrete pavers and slabs, sandstone, limestone, marble, and more.

Our team finished this courtyard landscaping project by installing the plants, trees, and sod.

After we completed the construction and prep of the raised planter beds, our team finished this courtyard landscaping project by installing the plants, trees, and sod. We filled each landscape bed with varying-sized shrubs and small trees, which are perfectly separated, to serve as more distinctive features.

Next, we followed a meticulous, step-by-step process to install the sod. We laid down each roll, lining each up so there were no gaps. Then, we used a roller to push it down and give it good contact with the soil. We also left a small space within the sod, where we planted a tree. Upon completing this project, the courtyard is now inviting, creating a beautiful blend of softscape elements and hardscape features. With an elevated aesthetic appeal and flow, it is a charming space for people to pass through.

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